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  Roll it out-

 For a long time ‘rolling out’ was something they did at the start of every Hill Street Blues episode after calling attendance. Or how Ferris Bueller left the parking garage after picking up his ‘borrowed’ Ferrari. It’s what the Transformers do instead of just leaving for their next mission, and what the coach calls to tell the quarterback to move outside the pocket to throw the ball. It’s what you’re doing when you’re getting out of bed, and also if you find yourself releasing a new line of aircrafts.  

 Then it became something you did on the floor of the gym, moving back and forth atop a big cylinder of really dense foam that’s approximately 6” in diameter, as a form of self-myofascial release. However, sometimes as athletes we find ourselves out on the road, stranded in strange Air BnB’s without this very crucial piece of dimpled foam and plastic. The same foam and plastic that has kindly dedicated itself to relieving the tension that has accumulated in places like the medial and lateral heads of our Gastrocnemius. But what if we just subbed in a big piece of wax of almost the same dimensions and shape? Or a glass vessel with fermented grape juice inside? Or the wheels of a skateboard even? Maybe they possess the ability to rid muscular tension and tightness all the same, and the reign of the divine foam and plastic will grind to a halt. 

Direction and images for Good Sport Issue 03.

Text written with James Lynch  
Styled by Helena Abapo  
Clothing by Kloke